401k / IRA Self Direct Funding Program

401(k) / IRA business financing, also known as Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS), is a small business and franchise funding method. ROBS allows you to draw money from your retirement account in order to start or buy a business without incurring an early withdrawal fee or tax penalty. This is not a loan; ROBS just gives you access to your own money, so that you can build the life you want without going into debt.

401(k) business financing is an ideal method if you don’t want to go into debt, don’t qualify for a loan, or just don’t have the cash on-hand to start or purchase a business. Unlike other types of funding methods, your credit score, past experience, or on-hand collateral play no role in eligibility. Instead, the main factors are the type of retirement account (like a 401(k) or IRA) and the amount of money you have in it (at least $50,000).

Creating a Self-Directed IRA can be complicated and can trigger significant tax issues if not done properly. There are plenty of firms that you can find on the Internet that will claim to be able to do this for a couple hundred dollars, but they you are left holding the bag. You have worked hard for these funds, so it is critical that you take the time to really understand the process and team with a professional organization to guide you through the process. Ultreia Capital has teamed with the LEADING provider for these services. They will not only explain the process at every step, but they will do all the work for you. They will manage the entire process for you, keeping you in lock-step along the way. The process looks like this;

  • They will form a new Corporation for you
  • The new Corporation sponsors a 401K plan that is designed to allow for investment into your corporation. This plan has been pre-approved by the IRS
  • Rollover to the new 401K. You will be guided through the process of moving your retirement funds from your previous employer’s 401K or IRA into the new 401k plan
  • 401k plan invests in the Corporation. Your new 401k plan purchases stock in the corporation. This 401k now hold stock in the corporation and the business is debt-free and cash-rich from the sale of the stock. At this point, the corporation will now be able to invest in your new business, franchise or commercial real estate.

How to Get Started

Give us a call and we will quickly help you determine if creating a self-directed 401K is a suitable option for you. If so, we will start the process with our partner. They have done tens of thousands of these programs, and are the premier provider of these services. You can have your new company up and running, with access to your funds in just a few weeks.